Eco/Empire MUD (EEMUD)
EE MUD's purpose is to create a realistic, immersive mud experience. It hopes to create an environment whose purpose is the empire building and the adventuring as opposed to mindless slashing of big money and big experience point kills.

The EE MUD world is round. Carl Burke's Java port of Toben AE. Mogensen's Solid Noise Generator is used to create a Mollweide projection of a dynamically created world. The algorithm is modified to generate biomes, terrain artifacts, reproducing mobs, and home worlds for characters.

Gods can go in and modify the world to create special areas and plant new higher-level mobs.

A dynamic weather system affects the world. It is night on one-side and day on the other-side. It is raining in one part and snowing in another part. Temperature affects the players and mobs. And storms can really affect the world.

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